Privacy policy

This policy describes how we handle cookies.


When you visit a website for the first time a small text file is saved on your mobile device or computer. This file is called a cookie and will be used every time you revisit the webpage to, for instance, give you a better and more effective user experience. Cookies are either permanent or temporary. A session cookie is temporarily stored and will be deleted when you close the browser. Permanent cookies are stored for a certain period of time but can be manually deleted in the website settings at any time.

We use cookies with the main purpose of giving you a better user experience on our website. We store different types of cookies depending on how you integrate and what choices you make when using webpages related to We don’t use cookies to store personal information about you.

You can easily delete cookies from your phone or computer. Instructions on how to handle and delete cookies are often found in the help section of your browser. You can either disable cookies entirely or choose to get notified every time a cookie is stored on your mobile device or computer. Please note that disabling cookies entirely may affect the user experience in terms of features and functions of the website.